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Cohesive team

Our success is the result of the effort of every member. At Health Vision Technolgies we promote teamwork and creativity. We bring quality care to our patients by accomplishing together.

Creative thinkers

As we continue to innovate in healthcare, we are looking for original individuals to expand on our ideas. Through collaboration we challenge and motivate those around us to provide the best care we can.

Patient committed

The quality and affordability for our consumers is on our minds every day. We wish to attract those who are passionate about helping others. If you are motivated to provide quality, let’s help together.


Health Vision Technologies puts their patients first. Our success and efficiency are measured by the effort and class we show our customers on a daily basis. Each interaction we have is held to the highest standard possible

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Join our growing team today at our Orlando location in Florida, Spain and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Browse available positions on our team today.

Available positions

We are looking for the following:

Electronic Engineering

We need several PCBs engineered for controlling peripherals. We currently focus on the development of generic electronics used in all portals, medical sensors and sensors breakout board. The sensors are supplied by 3rd parties.

You have engineering experience in the following fields:

  • Embedded systems
  • MCUs - UARTs, SPI, I2C, GPIO, and basic programming knowledge
  • USB applications
  • Audio and video - Acoustic Echo Cancellation, speaker amplifiers, digital microphones, line level converters, video encoding and decoding circuitry, LVDS, HDMI, SDI and DisplayPort
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Experience with mechanical engineering and C++ a plus

You must be able to produce small sample batches and provide assistance with the manufacturing of the electronics, electronics enclosure and wire harness on a large-scale basis.

Being familiar with FDA regulations and UL safety requirements is a major advantage.

Freelance Web and App Designers

Candidates must show us design examples of past projects and are initially responsible for the design of a house-style, website and mobile apps.


  • High quality design skills
  • Familiar with Tailwind CSS
  • Used to working with a client-side framework

Internet Development

Candidates must show us examples of past projects and are initially responsible for the programming of our website and server infrastructure. You need to have deep understanding of a PHP framework like Laravel for development of the server-side infrastructure of a medical application with several APIs allowing physicians and patients to schedule appointments.


  • Profound in a server-side framework like Laravel with Jetstream, Livewire and Tailwind CSS
  • Profound in a client-side framework of choice
  • Being familiar with API technologies like REST, SOAP and oAuth
  • Basic understanding of networking protocols
  • Understanding of the Linux operating system
  • Being able to work with cloud-based solutions like Amazon AWS/Google Cloud
  • Understanding of video streaming and encoding technologies

Freelance DevOps Engineer

Freelance engineer responsible for our server infrastructure.

  • Profound knowledge of cloud-based hosting like AWS or Google Cloud
  • Familiar with most Linux distributions, especially either Buildroot or Yocto Linix
  • Being able to build, maintain and distribute binary diff firmware for embedded systems
  • Scripting languages like PHP, bash, Python
  • Video streaming and encoding protocols like NVENC, NVDEC, QuickSync, h.265 HEVC encoding and decoding

App Developer

Candidate must be fluent in developing Android and iOS apps for mobile platforms, both phones and tablets, in their respective native languages JAVA and Objective-C or with a cross-platform development platform like Flutter.

This is an on-site full-time position. You will be working together with the designer and DevOps engineer on apps for video booths meant for the medical industry. The apps allow patients and physicians to sign-up and schedule appointments for exams. Being familiar with video streaming applications and working with APIs is a must.

To apply please send your resume to

Internship HVT

Internship, graduation, or working and learning

Are you looking for an internship, a learning workplace or are you going to graduate soon? That's possible! We offer internships and graduation places at all levels. Keep an eye on the website for interesting options. Our starting point is that we learn from you and you from us. It goes without saying that we provide good guidance and that you are enthusiastic and motivated. Are there currently no internship vacancies, but would you still like to apply? Please send us an open application.

Committed, reliable, resilient and refreshing. That's the way we work together.