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Health Vision Technologies

A company reinventing healthcare

The HVT team began in 2019 in Orlando, Florida when our founders thought of an idea to transform how people receive their health care. Many Americans do not have access to either a doctor or affordable health care, so they decided to bring basic care to the patients. By bringing our accredited doctors to our locations across the nation through the use of video portals, we hope to expand the number of Americans who can receive the healthcare they need. This new experience will provide convenient and quality care to those who need it most.

Quality Care

During this age of innovation we decided to adopt various technologies to implement convenient healthcare. Through the use of our video portal, we bring certified physicians to our patients so that they receive the care they need. This new hardware will provide patients affordable access to a doctor when they normally would not. Our locations will be able to handle a wide variety of non-emergency symptoms and health issues that may arise.

On Demand

We know that our patients lead busy lives so we want to provide convenient and practical appointments to fit into their daily schedule. You will be able to book an appointment through both our website and our mobile app. These platforms allow patients to select from a variety of times and locations to best suit their needs no matter where they are. By doing so we hope to prevent long wait times and encourage individuals to take time for their health.

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